100 people evacuated from Bethnal Green hotel fire

A hotel on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green was damaged by a fire on Sunday morning.

Around 100 people left the building before the Brigade arrived. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus confined the blaze to a hotel room on the third floor, which was badly damaged by fire and smoke.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but it’s thought the fire began in a bathroom when a burning incense stick was left unattended and set fire to something left too close to it.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“Keep clothing, fabric, and hair well away from burning incense sticks, as they have hot embers that can cause fires.  It is important to check that all candles, tea lights, incense or joss sticks are fully extinguished before you leave the room or go to bed.”

Six fire engines and around 35 firefighters and officers from Lambeth, Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Dockhead and Homerton attended the incident.

The Brigade was called at 1144 and the fire was under control at 1317.

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