11th edition of Cybersecurity Summit: 5-6 May 2022

The world moving towards digitalisation has stirred the need to create a framework with strong defence against cyber threats globally. Digitalisation, despite rendering a novel platform for socio-economic development, has also opened the doors for cyber attacks, data breach and many more. With such occurring risks, countries have the responsibility to ensure that the citizens, governments and businesses are protected from cybercrime.

Cybersecurity in Africa

Independent research carried out in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe to evaluate evolving cyber security threats in Africa concluded that there has been a significant increase in risk from cybercrime for enterprises across these regions.

Increased interconnectedness brings with it its own challenges. Africa has realised it is susceptible to cyber attacks and risks due to vulnerabilities to its information systems and digital infrastructure, which exposes them to issues concerning cyber security.

The African Union Commission has initiatives identifying cybersecurity as priority as part of ‘Agenda 2063’ for Transforming Africa. The focus of the commission will benefit individuals, institutions and nation-states by guaranteeing data protection and safety online.

Through cyber security best practices, management protocols and awareness of the vulnerability to threats, organisations will be able to enhance their cyber security framework and defend against cyber attacks.

11th Edition of the Cyber Security Summit: Africa

Discerning the significance of the situation, the 11th Edition of the Cybersecurity Summit: Africa is gathering leading industry stalwarts at a hybrid conference in Johannesburg, Africa on the 5th & 6th of May 2022.

The event will provide an opportunity for security professionals to engage with leaders and discuss how to build a stronger secure cyber infrastructure for Africa through panel discussions, fireside chats, solution showcases and interactive workshops.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Fortifying Businesses with Zero Trust Security
  • Overcoming Cybersecurity Hurdles with Artificial Intelligence
  • Security for a Multi-Cloud Space
  • Building Cybersecurity Immunity- Ransomware Strategy Plan, Prevention and Response
  • Adoption of Threat Intelligence: Making organisations safer with Threat Management
  • Network Security Technology

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