African cybersecurity firm Performanta teaches security skills and development

Cybersecurity firm Performanta has led a digital education and skills development programme as part of a focus for International Education Day.

As cybersecurity exposure to hardware, software, and data from cyberthreats in increasing, Performanta chief people officer Chereen Godwin said that demand was constantly growing for more people with cybersecurity skills and awareness, given how everything is digitalised.

Chereen Godwin, Performanta’s chief people officer, said: “We believe it is critical to engage in skills development in this arena, not just to give back to the communities, but also to help them prosper. It’s important for our sector that more learners need exposure to the cybersecurity realm and understand how those abilities can influence their careers.”

Performanta also teamed up with NGO Infinite Family to deliver mentoring and learning through its LaunchPad computer laboratories. The webcam sessions delivered critical and useful knowledge as well as cyber security awareness.

Amy Stokes, founder of Infinite Family, said: “It’s amazing what frequent recurring access to someone with wisdom and perspective, even just once a week, can do for someone as they grow into an adult. Performanta’s educational initiatives are so forward-thinking and high-impact. I believe they are on the cutting edge of promoting the concept that kids need to become successful adults in the digital era.”

Godwin added that more people who want to go into this industry will have to actively develop partnerships like the one with Infinite Family, as well as individuals, especially new entrants into the marketplace.

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