Africa’s Phase3 Telecom scales up layered security for optimised network infrastructure

Africa’s leading independent telecommunications provider Phase3 Telecom has announced that it will be increasing its security.

The move comes as part of a phased approach to provide the company with a more secure infrastructure that can combat cybernetic breaches. This upgrade will also provide support in areas for Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, as well as providing a proactive infrastructure network security that can help to scale businesses and avoid vulnerability.

In a statement, Phase3’s executive chairman Mr Stanley Jegede stated: “Phase3 understands the existential threats posed by cyberspace attacks in a new digital era and in a world where business networks are more interconnected than ever before. And, we are determined to be the team at the forefront of protecting their own network and proffering solutions that help other businesses, organisations, and institutions secure and control access to their critical networks.”

Mr Jegede added that in the second half of 2022, the telecoms and technology sectors would witness strengthening and extension of Phase3 legacy services towards digitisation and intelligence-based operational technology.

Mr Jegede also urged all stakeholders to take seriously, foster innovation and increase collaborations on engendering industrial level security, threat detection, mitigation and susceptibility management, in the telecommunications and technology sectors, for greater economic growth trajectory and sustainability.

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