Airlive recommends fisheye IP cameras

Shops today are a tough business with many challenges. There are theft and inventory shrinkage which eats into the stores’ profits.
Shop surveillance using IP surveillance network solutions to protect your business is able to reduce losses and creates a safer environment for staff and customers.
A single Fisheye IP camera is capable to monitor the whole scene without blind spot and it is able to replace up to 4 conventional IP Cameras.

AirLive fisheye cameras can be used perfect in surveillance systems for stores and supermarkets.
AirLive Fisheye Series (2MP & 5MP) provide monitoring all scenes without blind spot with its 360 degree panoramic view. Hardware dewarping of fisheye IP Cam is able for multiple clients to be more efficient to view the same image at the same time with different perspectives as conventional cameras. ROI with e-PTZ function to flexible clients to view any corner.
5MP fisheye IP Cam with 5 independent streams (ROI Mode) enhances image Quality without extra loading and provide Crystal Clear Image even in 4-image View.

Additionally, 5MP fisheye outstanding outdoor IP Cam with IP67 Weather-Proof Housing protects itself from rain and dust.
As other AirLive cameras, fisheye series also support SD local storage, iOS/Android device monitoring, compatible storage, free 64-channcel recording software and Onvif standard to fit-in-with multiple applications requirements.
It will allow remote viewing from anywhere with access to the network, so the store manager can always check how many customers are currently shopping, or how the unloading of delivery is going.
AirLive fisheye cameras – FE-501DM, FE-201DM and FE-501OD are devices that are ideal to create a no-blind-spot and cost-efficient professional monitoring system, as well as the expansion of the existing installation for shops, retails, small business, super markets, library, and hotel, etc.

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