Blighter to protect onshore and offshore facilities

Blighter Surveillance Systems has been awarded a contract to protect a number of offshore oil platforms and an onshore refinery located in West Africa.

The British manufacturer of electronic scanning radars and surveillance solutions will provides its C400 series onshore and offshore security radars under the new contract. The company will deliver four radars to give advanced threat detection to three offshore platforms and the refinery. The order will provide coverage of the land-based perimeter and detection of inbound hostile vessels at distances of up to 20km.

The coastal security radars are optimised for detection of the vessels favoured by pirates and militants – small, shallow-draught vessels that sit low in the water and move rapidly. They are also IP66-rated to give enhanced protection against extreme marine conditions and come equipped with Blighter’s Sea Clutter Filter which generates a low false alarm rate.

Angus Hone, Blighter CEO, said: “We are pleased to have been awarded this contract, which will demonstrate the best-in-class capabilities of our C400 series onshore and offshore installation security radars in such a demanding environment. Blighter’s cutting-edge e-scan radars are well-suited to the challenges of detecting hostile vessels at sea, and providing vital early detection of threats posed to these facilities and their operators.”

Delivery of the coastal threat detection units will mean that they will be fully operational by the end of the year, providing an excellent level of security. The contract was awarded following a range of desktop surveillance scenarios to help determine the best method for protecting the facilities.

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