Chrinica’s Purifog to beat indoor air contiminants

As a result of more work being done indoors following the pandemic, indoor pollution is on the rise. This, combined with the effects of climate change, means many individuals are stuck with sticky, unsafe air filled with contaminants that pose a serious risk to individual health, all across Africa.

A solution to this is a purifying mist that drives contaminants out whilst purifying the air – enter, Chrinica’s Purifgo and Purifog Hypo.

There are a number of unseen killers that make particular buildings their home, dust in warehouses, smoke in a kitchen, or chemicals in an office workplace. However, these are all combated by the use of Chrinica’s Purifog technology, estimated to be 1700 times more efficient than the average spray dispenser. The highly hygienic substance is designed to sanitize a space or workplace cleaning it of viruses, germs and the like.


Purifog cleanses the air by depositing hygienic countering particles onto the surface of all the microparticles that exist within a given space. Bad odours are removed, alongside the unsafe contaminants, as a result, of the anti-intrusion fog.

Purifog is recommended for frequent use to properly cleanse both surfaces and air.

Purifog falls under the jurisdiction and defining characteristics of WHO, ensuring the safety of the contaminant solution.

Find out more information about Purifog and the fire and smoke solutions company Chrinica through their official websites, particularly relevant due to the ever-expanding office and indoor industries currently growing within Africa’s security and safety sectors.

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