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GEUTEBRÜCK GmbH Im Nassen 7-9 53578 Windhagen

As a family business, for the last 46 years GEUTEBRUCK  has been exporting the most advanced video security solutions in the world. With 220 employees, branch offices and representatives in all continents, GEUTEBRUCK is a recognized expert in the market and one of the world leaders in video security. Customers and users in more than 70 countries around the world rely on the expertise of the company and have come to appreciate the high level of reliability, exceptional performance and quality "Made in Germany".

GEUTEBRUCK complete solutions inspire through their outstanding quality and they used by numerous renowned companies in various industries throughout the world. In addition to industrial companies and power utilities, museums, banks, ministries and prisons rely on the high quality of the security technology. Customers such as the Banque de France, Museum Island in Berlin, the e-commerce company redcoon or the Spaceport in Kourou rely on systems from GEUTEBRUCK. This is due to the broad industry know-how of our experts and our business model: Software and hardware components developed in-house combined with selected procured products. In addition, beyond classical security applications, GEUTEBRUCK now offers solutions such as supply chain security – the visualization and documentation of supply chains.

GEUTEBRUCK provides a complete package of hardware and software come from a single source. This is an enormous advantage for the customer, as: Only if both components perfectly matched, can optimal, sustainable performance be achieved. "We have just introduced two new product families. A best seller is G-SIM, our Security Information Management system. Software that provides the perfect overview of information for the user – be it images, maps or process data – from a wide range of sources," explains Katharina Geutebrück, Managing Director of the company. 

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