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When security and efficiency are mission critical, you need to know more about the vehicles passing through your environment. Only Perceptics possesses the expertise and 30-year track record of providing reliable vehicle intelligence courtesy of License Plate Reader and Under Vehicle Inspections Systems that instill complete confidence.  We stand behind our customers with a suite of products proven to stand up in the field that deliver precisely the kind of results your difficult job demands.


  • Border Control
  • Facility Access Control
  • Port Security and Container Tracking

Security Products:

LPR-HR, License Plate Reader:  The only LPR that lets you read all plate types, including state ID, in day, night and all weather conditions with a guaranteed 95+% accuracy rating on vehicle speeds up to 120 mph.

LPR-ID, License Plate Reader: Captures state, province or country of origin data at speeds of up to 60 mph with a guaranteed 90+% accuracy rate.

UVIS-IG, In-Ground Under Vehicle Inspection System: Captures a clear, seamless image of any vehicle’s undercarriage.

UVIS-SM, Surface-Mounted Under Vehicle Inspection System: The same performance of the UVIS-IG but relocatable for greater flexibility.

DriverCam, Driver Camera: Automatically capture an image of the vehicle’s driver for enhanced enforcements, even through tinted windows.

SceneCam, Scene Camera: Incorporate a color image of the vehicle and the surrounding area for more thorough security transactions.

CCR –XF, Container Code Reader: Automatically capture the four-character owner codes, six –digit serial numbers and check digits for more thorough cargo assessments.

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