Droughts leading to more wildfires in Africa

Cyclones have swept through Africa, as a result depriving dry and arid landscapes from receiving necessary water to combat naturally occurring fires.

Without the rainfall necessary to increase water reserves, the dry and arid landscape is at threat of wildfires growing out of control, causing loss of crops and as a result – loss of life.

Already, children and families are forced to trek to wells to gain supplies of deep water, however as the temperature continues to rise heading out of the winter months and into the summer, wells begin to dry up and naturally occurring water begins to evaporate in the humid climate.

Meteorologists have stated that the uneven and devastating water distribution across Africa’s east coast states is caused by natural weather systems and exacerbated by human-made climate change with cyclones sucking up water that would otherwise be destined for nations further north.

Some fires can spread through dry grass to an extent that they can leave entire towns having to be relocated.

As conditions worsen for individuals and towns – with the threat of wild and grass fires becoming ever more present, the need for enhanced response by fire and safety teams operating within Africa’s regions becomes ever-more necessary, with a demand for greater fire prevention and water pump technologies that effectively use what is necessary.

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