Egypt ranks first place for most powerful African army

A list of the most powerful armies in the world for 2023 has been published by Global Fire Power, with Egypt taking first place for the most powerful Arab and African armies.

Globally, the US took the number one spot, followed by Russia, then China. A number of African countries also took advanced positions on both the global and localised lists.

Algeria was ranked 26th in the world, while also being positioned as the second most powerful for African countries.

Egypt took the top spots for both the Arab countries list and the African countries list, while also picking up a spot at number 15 on the global list.

South Africa was named as the third most powerful army in Africa and also took the spot as 33rd more powerful globally.

According to Global Fire Power’s list the most powerful armies in Africa are:

  1. Egypt (14th globally)
  2. Algeria (26th globally)
  3. South Africa (33rd globally)
  4. Nigeria (36th globally)
  5. Ethiopia (49th globally)
  6. Angola (55th globally)
  7. Morocco (61st globally)
  8. Congo (72nd globally)
  9. Tunisia (73rd globally)
  10. Sudan (75th globally)
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