Google launches AI chatbot

Artificial intelligence is dominating headlines – with dialogue-based, AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT recently becoming the fastest-growing tech platform ever. And now Google has announced its intention to launch an AI-powered chatbot called Bard.

The company has built Bard on its existing large language model, Lamda, and will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks.

While AI chatbots are designed to find information and respond to questions it does of course raise security issues. While it can be a useful tool, it can also create new risks so it’s vital organisations know how to ensure they’re adequately protected if they’re using them.

A report from IBM revealed that organisation with full AI and automation deployment contained security breaches 28 days faster than their competitors not using these solutions. And by doing so they were able to save more than US $3 million in breach-related costs.

On the other hand, data privacy and security concerns around AI include impersonating employees, phishing and bot repurposing and ransomware and malware.

With AI solutions coming thick and fast, it’s likely that security breaches as a direct result of AI will become headline news this year.

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