Improved maritime security slows threat of piracy

Since the deployment of Project Deep Blue – a maritime security initiative – the threat of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and Nigerian waters has been reduced – though it remains a prominent issue.

Project Deep Blue was formed by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency and was first deployed in February of this year. For many years Nigeria held the dubious title of being the world’s piracy hotspot. In fact a report from the International Chamber of Commerce and International Maritime Bureau declared that Nigeria was responsible for 43% of all piracy incidents in the first three months of 2021.

The Project comprises two special mission vessels, three special mission helicopters, four unmanned air drums, 17 fast interceptor boats, 16 armoured vehicles and more than 600 specialised personnel for the maritime security unit and the C4i centre.

Project Deep Blue is now sending out the message to the international seafaring community that it won’t take maritime crime lightly.

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