Interpol identifies top cyber threats in Africa

A new report from Interpol has identified the most prominent cybersecurity threats in Africa, based on input from its own member countries and data from the private sector. According to the The African Cyberthreat Assessment Report 2021 they are:

1: Online scams

2: Digital extortion

3: Business email compromise

4: Ransomware

5: Botnets

Craig Jones, Interpol’s Director of Cybercrime, said: “Not only do criminals exploit vulnerabilities in cybersecurity across the region, but they also take advantage of variations in law enforcement capabilities across physical borders.

“Interpol’s regional cybercrime strategy for Africa provides a robust framework for sharing intelligence and coordinating action to strengthen the law enforcement response across Africa and beyond.”

A lack of cybersecurity policies and standards in the region is exposing online services to major cyber crime threats. More digital infrastructure needs to be put in place to protect citizens and businesses along with a robust cybersecurity framework policy. Interpol suggests that as many as 90% of African businesses are operating “without the necessary cybersecurity protocols in place.” And it may cost them dearly. In 2016, cybercrime cost the South African economy $573m, the Nigerian economy $500m, and the Kenyan economy an estimated $36m.

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