IP video surveillance system based on AirLive integrated solutions for important apart hotel in Santiago de Chile

The KSA YOUR APARTMENT building located in the city of Santiago de Chile, a hotel and apartment lease, installed a surveillance system and monitoring based on AirLive cameras and equipment backed by a major network infrastructure.
The hotel area ranges from the 1st floor to floor 7 and the remaining floors will be used to lease apartments to private individuals for residential purposes.



According to the project managers, the surveillance system should consider the following points:

  1. a) Sufficient cameras for visibility of all the corridors on each floor and underground.
    b) Minimum capacity of 1 megapixel and minimum range of 15 meters.
    c) Centralized recording system to allow for pre-event recording (changes of light, movements, etc.).
    d) The event recording a few seconds before and after the event occurred.
    e) Monitoring Concierge Room more access system should facilitate verification of recordings and transferring them to other storage devices.
    f) The shape and position of the camera system should have the ability to track people inside the building.


    The integrator Evolution Ingeniería Limitada recommended the implementation of an IP video surveillance system composed of 52 security cameras to monitor the corridors. This system includes three types of cameras: 23 cameras 360 degrees ​​with segmentation capabilities (for floors 1 to 23), the fish eye model AirLive FE-200VD, 23 cameras (floors 1 to 23) model AirLive DM-720 and 6 cameras for underground (1 to 3) AirLive BU-720.
    In order to supply power PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to cameras 11 POE-FSH808AT switches were installed.
    For recording images a system composed of 4 NVRs, AirLive NVR 16 were installed with a continuous recording capacity exceeding 30 days, with 3 TB disks 3 and 4 monitors each LED full HD.


    After the tests, the video surveillance system widely responded to the expectations of management of the building, integrating seamlessly with wired network infrastructure (Cat.6) to all floors. This was also designed to support Internet telephony, wireless and IP television services.

    The most important point is the interconnection between floors and the equipment room, located on the 1st underground, was fitted with ring-fiber links, in order to deliver a high back to services. Besides a power system with UPS distributed between floors is able to ensure continuity for more than an hour every building communications systems. Besides a racks located on floors through the building from the 1st floor to floor 23 were considered.

    AirLive products

52 IP cameras (FE-200VD, DM-720, BU 720).
11 switches POE-FSH808AT
4 CoreNVR16

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