Jazeera Paints first to offer certified fire-proofing paints in MENA

A leading paint manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has had its Firedamp W3 fire-proofing paint certified as a Clean Air Gold.

The certification, by Intertek, acknowledges the high-quality of the paint and its eco credentials. It also makes it one of the first fire-proofing paints to have been certified in MENA markets.

Fire-proofing paints helps to prevent the spread of fire to limit the damage it can do to buildings. Hani Saraya, Project Sales Manager at Jazeera Paint, said: “When a fire occurs the paint swells due to heat exposure, creating a protective layer, the layer expands due to the gas inside, preventing the high heat generated by fire from reaching the surface, and helps prevent building collapse.”

Jazeera Paints offers a wide range of high performance fire-proofing products that can be used on different types of surfaces – for example its Firedamp 263 for iron surfaces, Firewood 150 for wooden surfaces, or FIRETECH for gypsum surfaces. Many of Jazeera Paints’ fire-proofing products have been used in mega-projects across the region.

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