LEGIC neon added to CSSA standard for contactless payment

The Common Smartcard Solutions Association’s (CSSA) standard has been combined with LEGIC mobile technology to extend closed-loop ePayment capability to smartphones.

The CSSA goal is to create and promote an industry standard for vendor-neutral, smartcard-based closed-loop ePayment systems. openCashfile (oCF) is that standard, a data structure that delivers advanced cross-compatible electronic wallet capabilities to just about every smartcard technology. This includes MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Classic, LEGIC advent and LEGIC prime.

With the extension of oCF with the LEGIC neon standard for mobile credentialing, oFC-based ePayment systems used with smartcards are now compatible with all popular smartphones.

Sergio Blaser, associated member at CSSA, said: As employee ID cards already run on mobile devices, it is only a logical consequence to also make the standardized oCF wallet available on smartphones.

“For corporations, this vastly simplifies processes for visitors, contractors and employees. For the user, mobile payment is convenient, secure and fast. The data is always protected by the most modern encryption technologies, for example LEGIC neon.”

The news means closed-loop ePayment application designers – who work on vending machines, restaurant and self-service POS terminals, for example – have the ability to create solutions that will be compatible with virtually all popular smartcards and smartphones.

The advanced features of the oCF wallet include credit balance and currency, as well as card numbers, discounts, pricelists and user groups. This guarantees the offline capability of payment terminals. The discounts feature allows for the personalization of price lists, which can be adjust on-the-fly, for example of offer different prices for visitors and employees.

Additionally, thanks to the online capability of the neon standard, oCF can be upgraded centrally over-the-air in seconds via LEGIC Connect.

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