Morocco renews its commitment to peace and security in Africa

Morocco has reiterated and sworn its commitment to maintaining peace and security in Africa.

The renewal took place before the Specialised Technical Committee on Defence, Safety and Security (STCDSS) of the African Union (AU). The military cooperation between Morocco and its African partners is part of a shared vision of solidarity and traditional cooperation aimed at preventing conflicts and maintaining peace and stability in the African continent.

Mohamed Arrouchi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UNECA, who leads the Moroccan delegation to the 14th Ordinary Ministerial Meeting of the STCDSS was in attendance at the meeting.

He explained, how the cooperation covers multiple areas including education and training, as well as strengthening the interoperability of forces and operational capabilities of armies. He added that the Kingdom’s efforts to promote peace and security in Africa are demonstrated through its active contribution to the various missions deployed in the African continent and their commitment to medical aid.

Arrouchi also expalined how Morocco is building on its experience, and it also places its efforts in encouraging peace and security in Africa and confirms its commitment to the defence of the values of peace and security.

The 14th ordinary ministerial meeting of the STCDSS took place in Addis Ababa, and continues to support operations, to address conflicts, terrorism and violent extremism as well as broader peace and security challenges in the continent.

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