Multispeech Enunciator Module

 GJD, a leading British manufacturer and designer of professional external detector equipment, as well as Infra-Red and White-Light LED Illuminators has recently announced the success of its Multispeech 4. The innovative Multispeech 4 is a four-channel speech enunciator module designed for security access control, welcoming, advising or warning situations. 

The module is packed with engineer friendly features and provides major benefits to the end-user. One significant benefit is that the module can easily be configured to all standard normally open and normally closed intruder detection products including alarm panels, panic buttons, telephone responders and it can even be activated remotely from CCTV monitoring stations.

Another key benefit is that the module can be setup to enable different 30 second messages on each of the four channels. Message outputs can also be linked, so in the event that the same detector re-triggers, progressive voice warning messages can be played to deter a would be intruder.

As well as the benefit of being an intruder deterrent, it can also be employed for a variety of welcoming and informative uses. A single message of 120 seconds long can be recorded, this is useful to welcome people into reception areas, industrial sites and heritage sites. Longer voice messages are also advantageous for emergency situations in lifts, car parks and other vulnerable locations.

Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director at GJD commented: “The Multispeech 4 is an effective solution for a variety of different sector requirements. It is a versatile and flexible product, which can easily connect to different detection products as well as being simple to install and providing excellent voice quality”.

The innovative module also provides an 8 ohm audio output, which can seamlessly be applied to a loudspeaker or to a dialler that has a speech processor input. Recording messages on the Multispeech is simple and can be made using the on board microphone or by using a 1 V p-p line input.

Other major benefits include an EEPROM non-volatile memory, as well as an adjustable pulse count from one to three.


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