Senegal Security Forum Focuses on Stability Challenges in Africa

A security forum in Senegal has discussed Africa’s security challenges, with a focus on promoting stability.

The annual conference saw policymakers from various African countries meet with other international nations at the annual conference to focus on redefining the role international partners play in promoting stability in Africa. More than 1,000 people participated in the eighth edition of the International Forum of Dakar on Peace and Security. Attendees included the heads of state from Cape Verde, Angola and Guinea-Bissau, as well as high-ranking officials from Japan, Saudi Arabia and France.

The event opened with a speech from Senegalese President and African Union Chairman Macky Sall, who said: “Threats to peace and stability lie in the deep economic crisis that is shaking the world. Millions of people can no longer bear the cost of living, and others fall into extreme poverty, with no hope of a better future.”

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