South African Weather Service issues extreme high fire warning

The South African Weather Service has issued multiple extremely high fire danger conditions expected over the south parts of Free state, eastern parts of the Northern Cape and the extreme south-western section of the North West.

Free State

There will be a number of intermittent showers scattered across the Free State, with the climate being partly cloudy and cool to warm. There is a constant threat of fire from thunder, alongside remarkably high temperatures of 28-29 degrees Celsius. Due to a wind, smoke can be blown to neighbouring regions, aggravating further fire conditions.

North West

It will be partially calm and cloudy in the North West, again there is the threat of isolated showers and thunder, which can lead to lightning strikes causing fires. Dry conditions in the region due to the new spring period, begin what could be a summer of fires for the region.

Northern Cape

Morning fog patches are expected to roll through the Northern Cape, including over places such as the western interior. There is a build-up of heat in the north east of the Cape, with another bout of isolated showers and thunder strikes expected in all areas except the central section of the region.

The dry conditions of Southern Africa allow for thunderstorms to create fires in parts of the land that can ravage for days at a time, relying on members of South African fire teams and local defence teams to get a situation quickly under control.

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