SLVA and Black Kite announce partnership to protect small businesses

SLVA Cybersecurity and Black Kite have announced a partnership that will see the former act as a value-added reseller and managed security service provider for the latter.

Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA Cybersecurity, said: “SLVA Cybersecurity is pleased to officially partner with Black Kite, a company that is redefining vendor risk management with the world’s first global third-party cyber risk monitoring platform, built from a hacker’s perspective.”

One in four organisations suffered from a cyber attack in the last year that resulted in productional, reputational and financial losses. The current protocol for cybercriminals is to attack companies via third parties – essentially ‘island hopping’ their way to target organisations.

Black Kite is a non-intrusive intelligence-gathering platform that identifies critical vulnerabilities, pinpoints compliance gaps, quantifies cyber risk in financial terms, and can detect the likelihood of a ransomware attack with high-fidelity data.

Through the use of its cyber risk monitoring platform, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are able to keep track of their entire network all at once. CISOs gain awareness of what is the most relevant risk to their business from the threat landscape, and crucially, can identify which third-party organisation they are working with which has the most vulnerabilities.

“Having a strong defence strategy means carefully monitoring an entire cyber ecosystem, as opposed to ‘cherry picking’ vendors based on assumed importance,” explained Evans.

He continued: “SLVA’s partnership with Black Kite is one that we believe will assist in improving the health and safety of the entire planet’s cyber ecosystem, thanks to its use of the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive cyber intelligence.

“While other security ratings service providers try to narrow the scope, Black Kite provides the only standards-based cyber risk assessments that analyse your company’s supply chain cybersecurity posture from all three critical dimensions: namely technical, financial and compliance.”

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