Top 10 African countries with the best cybersecurity revealed

The most secure African countries for cybersecurity has been revealed via the latest Global Cybersecurity Index from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

According to the ITU, the recent index shows a growing commitment worldwide to tackle and reduce cybersecurity threats.

The newly released 2020 index indicates that despite the pandemic, countries are continuing to work and improve their cyber safety. With working from home rising and a shift to focusing on digital, increased cyber security has become hugely necessary across the globe.

For the ITU index, each country’s development is assessed along the five strategic pillars of the Union’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA): Legal Measures, Technical Measures, Organisational Measures, Capacity Building, and International Cooperation. This is then aggregated into an overall score. The current assessment covers the 2019-2020 period and reflects data collected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The newly released 2020 index indicates that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, countries have a renewed focus on improving their cyber security.

On the international front, the United States ranked number one, followed by the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, both in second place.

In Africa, Mauritius ranked top but was 17th on the global ranking. Egypt was second in Africa, followed by Ghana. The full breakdown is as follows:

  1.  Mauritius (96.89%)
  2. Tanzania (90.58%)
  3. Ghana (86.69%)
  4. Nigeria (84.76%)
  5. Kenya (81.7%)
  6. Benin (80.06%)
  7. Rwanda (79.95%)
  8. South Africa (78.46%)
  9. Uganda (69.98%)
  10. Zambia (68.88%)

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), driving innovation in ICTs together with 193 Member States and a membership of over 900 companies, universities, and international and regional organisations.

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