UK behavioural startup lands $525k funding

Mobile behavioural biometrics startup AimBrain has raised funding of £350,000 (US$ $525,000) to develop its technology. AimBrain’s system detects how people interact with their mobile devices and learns their behavior to create a unique “signature” through factors such as touch pressure and typing speed. 

Founders Andrius Sutas and Alesis Novik met while studying computer science at the University of Edinburgh University and are now based at the Cyber London incubator space. Sutas, the company’s chief executive, said: “We are working towards building the market-leading mobile biometric authentication platform. So far the response has been overwhelming – we are in active discussions with many large financial institutions and name brand enterprise security players.

“In particular, we have just successfully concluded a pilot for a major UK high street bank – where actual results significantly exceeded pre-pilot targets. Our goal is to disrupt the biometrics field and make multiple biometric modalities extremely easy to integrate by anyone.”

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