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Edge Computing Makes All Cameras Ready for Facial Recognition

By utilizing new wave of edge computing technology, most cameras can now process biometric verification or identification on-device, significantly reducing server load and bandwidth requirements

Although video surveillance has changed significantly in the past few years, imbuing it with biometric abilities has remained a challenge. To process video streams from security cameras, servers needed high bandwidth and high RAM and computing capacities to be able to process the streams. This also made scaling cumbersome.

With the advent of edge computing – utilizing specially designed systems-on-chip or systems-on-module for specific, computing-intensive tasks at the place where video stream is created – has changed the game. These chips can pre-process most of the intensive tasks at or near the cameras and send only the extracted biometric data, usually faces, for final matching on the server.

Innovatrics, a seasoned European developer of biometric solutions, introduced edge computing into its latest public security offering. Its SmartFace 5 combines facial recognition and anomaly detection features into a preemptive security system.

“Our aim is to prevent security incidents at the earliest moment possible by utilizing our trusted facial recognition algorithms and real-time notification system,” explains Michal Vilagi, SmartFace Development Manager at Innovatrics.

The brand new main airport at Palmerola, Honduras has opted for SmartFace 5 as its video surveillance solution.

Using SmartFace’s cascaded architecture, a video feed can be pre-processed on the camera, resulting in significant savings of the required network bandwidth along with server resources required at the central site.

The major advantage of this edge-to-cloud architecture is the scalability of the system, which can virtually support an unlimited number of cameras and protect entire cities without missing a single important event. It also allows the connection of as many cameras as required without overburdening the whole architecture.

Moreover, SmartFace 5 can utilize GPUs to further improve the performance of the entire system. The GPUs can be both on the main server and on the edge system as well, such as in the NVIDIA Jetson device. It also makes use of specialized systems-on-chip such as Blaize or Ambarella. In conjunction with fully-fledged ABIS it also allows searching video streams for faces in real-time or even faster in case of the recording, allowing instant interception or investigation of suspicious events.


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