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Unlocking the Potential of Digital eGov Services with Biometric Technology

Biometric identity management systems are a keystone to building a reliable, robust basis for electronic access to public services. These require several elements, most importantly trusted
and secure user identification. With one reliable biometric identification system in place, it can be enhanced with new functionalities to provide ever wider e-government capabilities.

In Thailand, for example, we started with a biometric system for national ID issuance. This, in turn, has created a solid basis of trusted identities that can now be leveraged to expand into new services. Remote biometric verification via web or app not only allows secure access to personal data, it also prevents the threat of traditional weaknesses such as phishing and similar social engineering techniques. Meanwhile, the system can be expanded based on the needs and requirements of the state and citizens.

Innovatrics is on a mission to build the world of instant trust with solutions that leverage biometrics for safe, reliable identity verification. The company owns biometric algorithms independently benchmarked by NIST for speed and accuracy. Innovatrics is one of the handful of global companies providing their own NIST-benchmarked algorithms for three main modalities: fingerprints, facial recognition and irises. These can be mixed and matched depending on the use case. With two decades of experience and over 600 projects in 80
countries of the world, we have the expertise to solve any biometric challenge.


The LED Lighting Experts

Raytec manufactures specialist LED lighting products across four main divisions – Hazardous, Industrial, Security, and Transport. Their products are designed to increase safety and security for any application in which they’re installed across the globe.

Raytec are the specialists in LED lighting.

Founded in 2005, every Raytec product manufactured since then has been based on LED technology. Starting as Security lighting experts, today, they manufacture specialist LED lighting products across four main divisions – Hazardous, Industrial, Transport, and Security. These products are designed to increase safety and security for any application in which they’re installed across the globe.

1. Security Lighting

Raytec is the world leader in LED lighting for security and safety. They provide a range of LED illuminators to create a safer global environment whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting. Their drive is to improve the safety of any area at night and to improve the performance of any CCTV system under darkness. Their flagship range of VARIO illuminators has helped establish the basis of their LED lighting products to date.

2. Transport Lighting

PULSESTAR, Raytec’s range of Pulsed LED illuminators tailored for transport applications. Delivering high-performance illumination for fast-moving objects illumination that can be pulsed in synchronisation with the camera shutter.

3. Hazardous Area Lighting

Raytec is the global technology leader for Hazardous Area LED Lighting. They manufacture a full range of globally certified SPARTAN Ex luminaires to provide a solution for any application where there is a risk of an explosion due to gas or dust. Raytec’s SPARTAN range delivers class-leading performance and reliability.

4. Industrial Lighting

Raytec offers a premium industrial LED lighting range designed for heavy industrial and commercial applications.

Centre of Excellence

All Raytec products are designed and manufactured, in-house, from their headquarters in Ashington, UK. This allows them to integrate all staff under one roof, share their knowledge, and build a true centre of excellence. This is all done to provide the best products, along with the best possible service to their valued customers.

History of Innovation

Raytec leads from the front and has a strong reputation for creating innovative and exciting new products. From network-enabled security lighting to hazardous area luminaires with a unique modular design for easy maintenance, there are several product firsts within the Raytec portfolio and they continue to innovate with new products and features that benefit those who use them.

To discuss how Raytec’s LED lighting innovation could benefit your project, call us at +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or contact us via our website at: