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New – HID Signo Readers from HID Global

Security meets modernity with HID Signo™, the signature line of access control readers from HID Global. Featuring a sleek new design, HID Signo Readers usher in a new wave of access control and extend HID’s tradition of trusted, powerful access control performance.

Security meets modernity with HID Signo, the signature line of access control readers from HID Global. Featuring a sleek new design, HID Signo Readers usher in a new wave of access control:

Highly Versatile – Supports the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access®. Also includes Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in Apple Wallet.

Unparalleled Performance – Offers ultra-secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, plus a new surface detection feature that allows the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimize read range performance.

Connected to the Future – All readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication. The readers are also designed to be connected and managed remotely without physically touching each device.

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Redundant Control for Complete Peace of Mind

Any loss of fire protection through equipment failure can have financial, technical and reputational consequences. In scenarios where system downtime can severely compromise safety and lead to major losses of time and money, a redundant fire system is essential to achieving dependable backup fire protection and ensuring business continuity.

Advanced’s redundant fire systems offer full panel redundancy with backup mains supply, not just a redundant microprocessor. They are easy to configure, install and wire and provide many redundancy options to meet your needs – even across large and complex sites.

Advanced redundant fire alarm panels operate in ‘hot standby’ mode and automatically take over full control whenever the main panel detects a system fault.

Some sites might not need redundant control across the whole system, so Advanced redundancy can be programmed and adapted to meet the varying needs of the areas where redundant operation is specified. A range of automatic and manual control options enable fine tuning of the system design and clear LED indication ensures you know exactly where redundant control is in place.

Advanced’s redundant control systems are programmed with easy-to-use DynamixTools software, making configuration simple, and giving you the option to protect only the most vulnerable areas of your system, saving installation and material costs.

Advanced’s redundant controllers can be built into specially designed fire panels or supplied standalone as boxed units. This gives you the flexibility to create retrofit systems for existing sites where required.

The complexities of choosing the right redundant fire system for your specific needs are simplified by choosing high-quality, tried-and-tested equipment with a proven track record of protecting people and property. Redundant fire panels from Advanced put you in control of your fire system – for complete peace of mind.

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