70 firefighters called upon to contain and suppress fire at Cape Town’s Table View

Firefighters have fought to contain a raging fire in Table View after strong winds fanned the flames, threatening homes and animals in the residential area.

The blaze broke out under Blaauwberg Road bridge in Table View on Wednesday 16th February and Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue was alerted.

Strong winds were thought to make conditions worse and meant the initial crew on the scene needed further support. In total, 16 firefighting appliances and roughly 70 firefighters attended the scene.

Fire and Rescue spokesperson Jermaine Carelse revealed the situation was being contained, and with no damages to property or injuries reported.

Carelse said: “I suspect that crews will be on scene for a considerable time to ensure the fire is extinguished and will monitor the situation throughout the night/morning for any flare-ups that may occur.”

Three Inspectors from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA were dispatched to assist injured and displaced animals in distress. The search for more animals still continues, as it’s believed many more will have sustained injuries. So far, several guinea fowl have died from smoke inhalation.

The SPCA said: “Property owners were advised to take their animal companions for veterinary checks immediately should they show signs of distress for possible smoke inhalation.”

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