TBS Switzerland reveal Biomanager Enterprise

Touchless Biometric Systems has unveiled the BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE, a platform that unifies data gathered by multiple biometric security solutions onto one interface.

This platform is usable on all kinds of devices, guaranteeing efficiency, comprehensive functionality and top-level security.

This means that all records gathered from biometric access control systems are optimally protected, despite the software having a completely scalable model. A number of powerful modules can be added to the platform, with different packages that add features to the software to meet the needs of client businesses.

With multi-site installations and multiple web APIs to make integration with other systems simple and easy.

Currently, BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE is in use in banks, airports, government agencies and other high-security areas, providing a unique solution for safe person identification and digital footprint recording.

“BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE is the result of our proactive development strategy. Regardless of whether you prefer a standalone or integrated solution, an on-premise or cloud-based deployment, the BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE platform offers maximum flexibility and individual customisation options,” said Stefan Schaffner, CEO of TBS.

Find out more about BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE on the official website for the security solution.

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