The 3rd IMDEC Summit, Ghana

The highly anticipated 3rd International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEC) is set to take place on 29-30 August 2023 at the Burma Hall, Ghana Armed Forces Headquarters, Accra, Ghana.

The new dedicated exhibition hall in Burma Camp, purpose-built to accommodate the growing event, will also be inaugurated at IMDEC, the largest gathering of Africa’s maritime industry. IMDEC will bring together regional and international Chiefs of Naval Staff to address the critical issues surrounding maritime security on the continent. The conference aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders to sustain a safe and secure maritime domain, focusing on consolidating the gains made in the Gulf of Guinea. The Keynote speech is by Guest of Honour, Hon. Dominic Aduna Bingab Nitiwul, Minister of Defence, Ghana.

Building upon the resounding success of the first two editions, IMDEC 2023 is a biennial event that will feature a two-day conference and exhibition, providing a platform for regional naval forces and relevant stakeholders to tackle the growing threats in Africa’s territorial waters and blue economy. The exhibition will showcase cutting-edge technologies in maritime security and foster strong resolutions and recommendations to overcome the daunting challenges facing Africa’s blue economy. It brings the world’s leading defence suppliers to Accra for communication technologies, radars, satellite imagery solutions and vessels among other key solutions vital for further strengthening maritime defence capabilities of African navies.

Rear Admiral Issah Adam Yakubu, Chief of Naval Staff, Ghana Navy, expressed the importance of cyber security measures in African navies, stating, “Advancements in onboard systems and rapid digital transformation require African navies to implement measures to safeguard their systems and operations. However, there is a need for African countries to enhance their efforts in the area of cyber security.”

Organised by Great Minds Events, the conference agenda includes panel discussions, breakout sessions, and extensive site visits, making it the premier strategic gathering for Africa’s Navies. Find out more about the event through Great Minds Events’ official website.

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