Additional security deployed to protect rail infrastructure in Cape Town

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has contracted and deployed additional security in Cape Town. The move comes after the shooting of two security guards protecting the recovery work between Bonteheuwel and Lavis Town.

The security guards are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

PRASA said: “Contractors were installing overhead copper cables on the line when two armed men in a black VW Polo fired ten shots at security.”

Police are currently investigating the incident.

They added: “PRASA is on a journey of recovering stolen and/or vandalized rail infrastructure and is aware of the vulnerability of the recovery work to criminal syndicates and opportunistic criminals.

“We have contracted and deployed additional security on the lines we are recovering, but it is clear that we are under siege, and the criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want.

“We commend the bravery and work of the security guards who defended the copper cables, and we would like to wish the injured guards a speedy recovery.”

The agency expressed confidence that the assailants will be apprehended.

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