Africa data security conference to be held virtually to discuss cybersecurity

The third Africa Data Security Conclave (ADSC) is set to be held virtually on Thursday, October 27, and Friday, October 28, 2022.

The third virtual conference is riding off on the success of the first two editions which were held in October 2020 and October 2021 respectively, both of which received great acceptance from the public and had attendance of about 600 participants across Africa.

The theme of the session is “Cybersecurity in Africa: Contention, Capacity and Mitigating Inter-continental Threats.” The discussions at this year’s conference are structured along 4 distinct lines of intervention under the following sub-themes: (i) Contemporary Regulatory Tools and Strategies for Deterring Financially Motivated Cybercrime (ii) Cybercrime and the Africa Economy: Incidence and Impacts (iii) Cyber Security Issues & The Digital Divide (iv) Cyber Hygiene and the CIA (Confidentiality, Intelligence, and Availability) Triad.

The 3rd Africa Data Security Conclave has as its headline sponsors, Taxaide Technologies Limited (Taxtech), NDP Academy, Taxaide Professional Services Limited, Anaje Olumide Oke and Akinkugbe (AO2LAW), 21Search, CCB and ably supported by a host of brands and organizations.

The Conference would have in attendance more than 25 speakers comprising of cybersecurity experts, policymakers, captains of industry, legal luminaries and other stakeholders from Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and the rest of Africa.

The organisers say participation at the conference is free and intending participants can register here.

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