Africa Land Forces Summit discusses local conflict issues

Taking place between the 8th and 12th May, the Africa Forces Land Summit featured leaders from across different security industries coming together to discuss the pressing issues faced across Africa.

The African Land Forces Summit (ALFS) is the Chief of Staff of the Army’s annual conference supporting U.S. Army activity in Africa, a forum for senior leaders from land forces across Africa, the U.S. and other partner nations to solidify relationships, exchange information on current topics of mutual interest and to encourage cooperation in addressing challenges.

Alongside networking sessions and panels exploring topics related to Africa’s local security, one such theme was consistently mentioned, the worrying rise in terrorist incidents taking place across the region.

Four African countries—the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Nigeria, and Mali—rank in the top 10 countries with the largest volume of terrorist incidents in 2020.

One means of combatting this rise in terrorism incidents, is to introduce new training and programmes that will allow individuals in land forces to spot, respond to and appropriately counter-measure potential terrorist events before any lives are damaged.

It is conferences like the ALFS that help senior land force’s chiefs share their insights and seek solutions.

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