Africa security group asks for more synergy among agencies

The Security Watch Africa Initiative (SWAI) has asked for more intelligence sharing and synergy amongst agencies and security bodies in Africa.

The call for action came as a result of discussion between Mr Patrick Agambu and Sani Usman, the SWAI President and Chief Rapporteur in Abuja.

The plea for more synergy was issued at the end of the 17th Edition of the SWAI Annual Conference and Award Ceremony on Friday in Gambia’s Banjul. The conference focused on post COVID-19 actions, including what’s needed in Africa to promote security and development. It also urged African countries to collaborate more and look inward for solutions to address African security challenges, adding that leaders should adopt an all-of-society approach including engaging youths and younger generations to address evolving security challenges.

In a statement, SWAI said: “The need for intelligence sharing and synergy amongst sub-regional bodies on the continent, as well as a periodic assembly to assess the African security environment.

“There is a need for a unified, enabling legal framework, a comprehensive, all-encompassing strategy, as well as a strengthened judicial system, to address security challenges across Africa.

“There is a need for regular meetings of the security councils and commissions of sub-regional bodies such as SADC and ECOWAS, among others.

“African countries should collaborate more and look inward for solutions to address African security challenges.”

The statement also suggested that: “Maritime security, African Navies should strengthen their collaboration and synergy.

“African countries should come up with integrated, all-encompassing maritime strategies that are in line with continental and regional security architectures.”

The SWAI was established in 1997 with the primary objectives of monitoring, collecting, analysing, and broadcasting security issues on the African continent for public awareness and policy making.

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