African power station catches fire after suspected fuel leak

Firefighters have been called to Matla Power Station in Mpumalanga in South Africa.

The fire is believed to be due to a suspected fuel leak, although investigations are ongoing.

Extensive damage has been caused to the power station, but no fatalties or injuries have been confirmed.

Power supplier Eskom said: “Since Tuesday morning, a unit each at Camden, Kriel, Majuba, Matla and Duvha power stations were taken off-line for repairs and planned maintenance. In addition, the delay in returning to service a generating unit each at Arnot, Duvha and Hendrina power stations contributed to the capacity constraints.”

A generating unit each at Grootvlei, Camden, Kriel, and Majuba power stations have since returned to service.

Eskom added: “We currently have 6 618MW on planned maintenance, while another 15 996MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns.”

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