AfriLabs Meeting Findings

AfriLabs has become a driving force for change in recent years, the most recent gathering saw a renewed commitment to the tech community. The key goals of the conference were to empower the tech ecosystem, leveraging innovation and digital technologies to create sustainable businesses, generating jobs and fostering economic development.

The Annual AfriLabs meeting is a melting pot for young innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and investors that seek to empower new initiatives, by bringing together decision-makers and those with new ideas, Africa is pushed forward, opening several new paths for its economy in the process.

Conference executive director Anna Ekeledo discussed the audience of the conference and how it’s inspiring forward momentum for a new tech-based economy: “Our youthful and dynamic population is eager to seize the power of technology and innovation to overcome challenges and create opportunities in Africa.”

The event also marked the signing of significant partnerships, including one with Algeria Venture, focusing on exploring cooperation opportunities and supporting the management, funding, and promotion of startups across Africa.

The continent is on the verge of a tech revolution, recently, ceremonies celebrated the opening of several data centres and several summits have pushed to embrace the tech revolution and open trade to continue the evolution of Africa’s economy.

Find out more about the exciting conference and how it contributes to startups in Africa through the companies official website.

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