After 30 years specialising in access control and door entry, Paxton recently released its building automation system, net10, to the security market. We spoke to Steven Woodbridge, Paxton Training Manager, about company’s new system and its development plans.

What is net10 in a nutshell?

net10 is a building intelligence system that provides access control, video management and building automation functionality, all within a single system.


What are the system’s key features?

One of the key features of net10 is that as well as being able to identify users with conventional RFID tokens, the system also utilises Bluetooth SMART technology. This means individuals can gain access to a building and interact with appliances simply by using their mobile phone.


The system works in conjunction with all types of IP camera to facilitate live viewing and the recording of video footage.  It also provides building automation, interfacing with existing infrastructure for a high level of control over lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms, ensuring maximum efficiency and bolstering cost and time savings.


The system is managed using a highly intuitive web-interface meaning there’s no software to install or upgrade.


Who is the system appropriate for?

net10 allows mid-market customers (e.g. education, healthcare, retail, leisure, public sector commercial premises) to benefit from functionality currently only practical for enterprise level projects. There is only one system to purchase and install, meaning significant cost benefits for both equipment and installation.  Also, because all functionality is provided by a single system, there’s no complicated integration to do.


We offer free, one day installer training and half day sales seminars to provide the essential knowledge needed to install and sell net10. Installers from many different backgrounds, including security, networking, and electrical, who are looking for ways to develop their business and offer more services to their customers, have taken advantage of training. Over 1000 attendees from 600 companies have taken part in training to date.


What’s next for net10?

As part of net10’s development we have recently updated the software to include video export and remote access functionality.


Video export is an integrated feature that allows the user to identify a segment of video and export it out of net10. Footage can be exported, and this can be played, filed and shared as needed, providing a more comprehensive service for users.


Remote access allows the administrator to control a net10 system remotely, from any other supported connected device. Full functionality is available enabling system users to monitor and control their building wherever they are.


As with all Paxton software updates, there are no complicated set up procedures or subscription charges with this new functionality.


To find out more about Paxton’s net10 system, or to sign up to training please visit the net10 website, or contact Paxton direct at

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