AirLive Use Case: APPCAM For Elderly Care

Everyone can agree that our families are the most important possession we have. And when we take on the care of our elderly loved ones it can take a lot of time and energy. Now with the APPCAM family of video cameras from AirLive, we can have the peace of mind that our elderly family members are safe and secure. With easy remote live viewing, the AirLive APPCAM helps families keep an eye on their loved ones while they are at home, with a nurse or maid, or a nursing home. AirLive APPCAM is an excellent way to rest assurd everyone’s daily routine is going on without a hitch. As the number of retirees living at home, in group homes, or nursing homes continues to rise, using video technology to add another layer of security becomes a tremendous aid. An AirLive APPCAM video monitoring system is an easy and effective way to assist in the care for elders at home.


Airlive APPCAM 720IR Day/Night IPCAM  Simple, Smart, And Easy To Install
AirLive, one of the most advanced international network communication and IP surveillance products and solutions provider, has announced two innovative new products that are ideal for monitoring our elderly loved ones.  The AirLive CW-720IR wireless unit and the AirLive CU-720IR Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) unit.


Easy To Install, Easy To Use, Easy To Monitor

AirLive 720 APPCAM video camera series are easy to install and easy to monitor devices.  With Airlive Plug and Play technology the camera can be installed within minutes without complicated network configurations. No IP-address or port forwarding settings are needed to connect to the camera.


Family members can easily monitor the video with any iPhone/iPad or Android devices via AirLive CamPro Mobile App.
Monitor elderly family members at home with the AirLive CU-720IR wired network camera. Or avoid wiring issues all together with the AirLive CW-720IR wireless camera that can be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling for the best viewing angle.
The AirLive 720 APPCAM video camera series also has built-in infrared LED illumination for night-time viewing as well as IRCUT capabilities to adjust infrared light allowing the camera to be used in most indoor environments even at night without extra lighting.


Convenient And Cost Efficient Video Storage

AirLive 720IR family of video cameras is equipped with SD-card slots that enable video storage up to 64GB. This provides about one week of video recording using constant bit rate (CBR) settings and reduces storage costs by eliminating any other storage device requirements. Swapping out SD-cards and uploading the video to your personal computer allows for another easy way to access and view the recorded video. Using the SD-card also serves as a backup video storage in case any connected NVR fails.


Get Notified Immediately Day Or Night
With motion detection capabilities built-into the AirLive APPCAM family, when activity is detected on the camera –either day or night- (visibility in total darkness at up to a distance of 15ft/5m) a snapshot photo or a clip of the video recording can be immediately sent via e-mail. Another way to get the most peace of mind is allowing these snapshots and video clip recordings to be sent to a NAS storage device, a FTP server, a voice alert, or other HTTP/TCP server for later review.
High Image Quality – Excellent Recognition Capabilities

The high resolution video recorded on the AirLive APPCAM family of cameras provides clear imagery for reviewing and recognition needs. The sharper the image, the easier it is to discern faces, objects, people, and other details recorded by the camera. AirLive 720IR family provides 720P high definition (HD) resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) delivering 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.


Audio Detection

The AirLive APPCAM family of cameras also includes built-in audio functionality. This provides for audio detection triggers –such as glass breaking or screams– that will initiate video recording and sends email alerts that provide another level of security and peace of mind.



AirLive APPCAM Feature Summary
 – H.264 and MJPEG Encoder

– 30fps at 1280×1024 / 1280×720

– One piece IR LED for day and night surveillance

– WDR, LDC, De-Fog Function,

– 2 Way Audio

– Event Triggers:

+Motion Detection

,   +Camera Tampering

+Audio Detection

+Network Disconnect

– Privacy Mask


– OnVIF Supported

– Alarm Events

+ File upload via FTP, NAS, SAMBA Server

+ Notification via email, HTTP, and TCP

– SD-card storage



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