Ajax launches Chime for improved security

The recent OS Malevich 2.12 update from Ajax Systems has delivered Chime – something that security professionals have been eagerly waiting for.

The Chime feature is capable of alerting users that someone has entered a property – whether it’s a private house, shop or other building, in the same way a shopkeeper bell would.

The sound of the siren alert is distinguished from the alarm so users can immediately identify it – and there are four alert signals that users can select for different doors. Through the app, users can adjust the volume of the alert, and temporarily disable the feature with a single touch.

The introduction of Chime is not the only new and improved feature Ajax users can expect. Improved notifications on the loss of connection with the Ajax Cloud server become more user-friendly. Users can select specific communication channels to report a lost or disabled connection and the notifications can be set up with a 30 minute delay. This helps to improve control over the communication of the security system and can be used to generate an alarm confirmation in the case of a security company monitoring station.

The update has also significantly improved the interconnected alarm system of FireProtect detectors.

The fire alarm system enable people to be evacuated before a fire has spread through a building, by notifying all residents in the building of an incident through the buzzers that are directly built into the fire detectors.

The update to the system means that a user is able to mute the detectors in their apartment, in case of a false alarm without affecting the detectors in other apartments. A resident will be able to evaluate the falsity of a fire alarm triggered from their apartment – if it poses a real risk to other residents then the interconnected alarm will notify everyone. But if not, then they can mute it, without stalling the whole system. Should a false alarm trigger the interconnected alarm to sound in all apartments, it will need to be muted by the system administrator.

All Ajax hubs should now have received the update.

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