Ajax Systems reveals video products, Yale integration at Special Event

On 20 October, Ajax Systems hosted its fifth Ajax Special Event, an online showcase of the latest new devices and digital features.

Starting 8 years ago with the conquest of the global intrusion market, the company is now expanding horizontally by adding entirely new product verticals to its portfolio.

The company has unveiled significant enhancements to its intrusion and fire range, delving deeper into high-security solutions and updating its fire product series in response to various market demands and stringent standards of the fire sector.

Consistent with their drive for innovation, Ajax Systems has integrated collaborations with other industry giants and demonstrated how innovative wired communication can modernize old, inconvenient security systems.

Now meeting Grade 3 standards, Ajax offerings are poised to reshape industry benchmarks. Additionally, the company introduced its new motto ‘Rule Your Space’, which becomes the basis of Ajax’s new communication platform and reflects the company’s commitment to empowering individuals with complete control over their spaces, providing security, convenience, and freedom without boundaries.

New products announced at the digital event included:

TurretCam, BulletCam and DroneCam Mini – All various-size cameras with many features to record high-quality video and audio, even under turbulent weather effects. Ajax NVR – A platform for security and fire device management and KeyPad Touchscreen, a new style of graphic interface to manage multiple devices at once. Other products include Yale Integration, Ajax SIM and new certifications.

Find out the full range of announcements, products and otherwise, on the Ajax systems website. The company stand on the precipice for elevation in the market, spearheaded by its new motto – ‘Rule your space.’

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