Algeria appoints new ambassador to Spain

In a turbulent global security landscape, with stresses on international relationships between countries worldwide, Algeria is easing twenty months of friction with Spain, with the appointment of Abdelfetag Dagmoum as Algeria’s ambassador to Spain.

Algeria recalled its ambassador in March 2020 to protect against Spain’s favour of the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara. This added to the debate within the region which was seeing tension between several occupying political groups.

The dispute was notable for several reasons, tensions were publically high between the countries’ leaderships, with political parties deciding to wait for the disbanding of Pedro Sánchez’s legislation in the most recent elections, however, political ties and ambition kept him in place.

Now, the easing of relationships shall rebuild a long-term relationship between the two countries, and open the gateway to greater food security, which had suffered from the lack of important and exporting between Algeria and Spain.

Abdelfettah Daghmoum (Left)

Food Security has been a particular issue for Africa as of late, with difficulty maintaining income and supply – a number of floods have swept regions such as Ethiopia and Somalia, killing livestock en masse and forcing hundreds of thousands out of their homes, due to the infrastructure within Africa being built for the regular dry, humid weather.

With political relations growing, and new trade policies opening Africa to being more of a global trade powerhouse, food security will likely be tackled as a priority in the years to come, especially when regarding importing and exporting between Spain and Algeria.

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