Algeria calls for reform of UN Security Council

Algeria has called for reform of UN Security Council and to ask for two permanent seats for Africa.

Algeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, asked for the change as the ninth conference of senior African officials discussed peace and security across the continent.

Lamamra said: “Africa has the right to suggest its proposal repeatedly for the reform of the UN Security Council. This will end the oppression that has lasted for eight decades.”

The Security Council has 15 member states, including five permanent members; the US, the UK, Russia, China and France. These five states have the right to veto any decision, and can thus paralyse UN institutions and actions.

Currently, there are three African countries among the ten non-permanent member states, namely Ghana, Gabon and Kenya. Lamamra stressed the importance of “a comprehensive, pluralist and balanced system to face global challenges successfully and effectively.”

He reiterated that Algeria is to continue pursuing its effective role for the sake of peace and security in Africa, and will continue its support for solutions for African problems.

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