Argus Systems signs strategic partnership with Video Internet Technologies

A strategic technology partnership between Argus Systems and Video Internet Technologies will bring innovative, cutting-edge AI-based solutions to customers in the Middle East, Africa and Indian subcontinent markets.

The AI-based solutions include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Facial Recognition (FR), Video Content Analytics (VCA), Intelligent Transportation Management Systems (ITMS) and other disruptive technologies to address use cases in a wide variety of applications and industries, including smart cities, homeland security, law enforcement, aviation and transportation and mobility.

In addition the agreement will allow Argus and Video Internet Technologies to co-develop solutions for the Middle East and African markets.

Argus Systems in an independent manufacturer’s representative and software development company which is focused on  AI-driven applications which provide manufacturers a platform to launch their products while reducing time to market. Its new partner is a Ukraine-based technology house specialising in Video Analytics Solutions.

The agreement between the two companies brings together expertise, understanding, universal knowledge, cutting edge disruptive Artificial Intelligence driven technologies to transform legacy and redefine the future.

“We are very excited to announce our strategic technology alliance with VIT to bring to our customers innovative AI-based solutions that transform legacy to redefine the future,” said Rohit Khubchandani. “Utilising the latest and greatest Artificial Intelligence innovations our combined solution stack addresses the pain points and challenges customers face in our dynamic region delivering the quickest ROI – Return on Investment.”

Yuiry Bukhtiyarov, CEO of Video Internet Technologies, added: “Partnering with Argus Systems will allow us to offer our advanced AI based solutions and give us a head start to accelerate our growth in the region, we have developed and integrated software and devices for various use cases. With our video analytics solutions, we help thousands of users fully observe and document every fine detail of their projects within their territories, 24/7.”

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