Baltic Fire Laboratory: The Limits of your equipment

Codes, compliance, standards and accessible technology continue to evolve for businesses across fire and safety fields. As businesses look to prove the capabilities of their solutions, they need a space which allows for extensive testing – enter the Baltic Fire Laboratory.

With multiple accreditations, the Baltic Fire Laboratory stands as the biggest fire testing site in Europe, allowing you extensive feedback, and access to different technologies to allow you to thoroughly test every aspect of your tech. Whether it’s drones, fire resistance, or complex responses to fire scenarios, the Baltic Fire Laboratory allows a business to achieve all of their testing goals – and in an eco-friendly manner.

Understand the limits of your systems

Through extensive testing and reports, you will be able to understand not only the capabilities of your systems, but you’ll also be able to understand precise improvements that need to be made, as a result of the recording technologies available. See what screws need tightening and have an exact timeline of the operations of your machinery, without having to worry about runaway flames or damage to your space.

Find out the full eco-friendly testing capabilities of the largest fire laboratory in Europe, with travel accommodation and easy access for all businesses around the Middle East. Get started today on the official website:

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