Big 5 Construct Ethiopia wraps up with $161 million potential business expected

The largest construction event in the country, Big 5 Construct Ethiopia 2023, recently concluded in Addis Ababa, leaving a lasting impression on the industry.

A staggering 8,300+ professionals from the building, construction and infrastructure sectors attended, making it a truly global gathering.

Endorsed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure, Big 5 Construct Ethiopia provided a platform for industry leaders to share insights, experiences, and expertise. The event facilitated collaborations between domestic and international companies with the aim of advancing Ethiopia’s construction sector.

Exhibitors showcased the latest products and services catering to the entire construction value chain, and numerous deals were signed during the event, projecting a potential business of $161 million over the next year.

The success of Big 5 Construct Ethiopia has paved the way for next year’s edition, scheduled for May 16-18, 2024, in Addis Ababa. As Ethiopia’s construction industry continues to flourish, the event promises to provide an invaluable platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and driving progress within the sector.

All manner of subjects were covered at the event, from safety to advancements in technology. The discussion revolved around pressing issues from within the industry and the aforementioned networking opportunities that would push forward companies of all shapes and sizes to further the country’s projects, architectural feats, events and economy.

Find out more about Big 5 Construct Ethiopia and look toward future events!

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