Biometric border control system hit by technical issues

Technical issues have hit the EU’s updated biometric border control system Entry/Exit System, which could delay its expected launch by several months.

The automated IT system relied on biometric components to register travellers from third-countries, visa holders and visa-exempt travellers. It was originally due to be completed in time for May 2022, however technical issues and organisational problems look set to delay it until summer 2022.

The Entry/Exit System (ESS) will eventually require all non-EU citizens entering or exiting the EU to biometrically register. This will record the time  and place of the border crossing and automatically calculate the length of time they are permitted to remain.

It works on interoperable biometric databases in order to enhance security and was expected to replace passport stamps. It will automate identity verification, conduct background checks on an EU-wide Smart Borders framework and verify visa information.

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