BRICS: security for the summit

In recent months, world attention has turned to South Africa and its upcoming BRICS summit.

In Sandton, the summit will feature more than 50 heads of state and international delegates, those who are BRICS members and those who are not.

The substantial event speaks volumes about the recent growth of South Africa’s economy. The BRICS nations account for about a quarter of the global economy and interest in joining the group has surged this year

With a gathering of so many important figures, a bespoke security detail has been prepared to protect the venue of the Sandton Convention Centre.

South African Police Minister Bheki Cele said the security forces of the country “are ready”, and they have been ready for some time, he assures incoming leaders, delegates and citizens that the summit is taking place in a safe, secure environment and that no one has any reason to be “scared”.

The security detail includes troops from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), as well as hundreds of members of police from Johannesburg, Sandton and the neighbouring cities around the Sandton Convention Centre.

With South Africa hosting the talks and seeing notable financial growth, the country stands at the precipice of a surging economy.


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