Bullard kicked off thermal imaging knowledge challenge II on the new TI training webpage

Quick poll: How will a human body under 2 meters of water display on the thermal imager?

  1. Invisible
  2. visible


Bullard kicked off the second round of thermal imaging knowledge challenge (TIC Challenge II) on the Bullard thermal imaging training page. As TIC Challenge I ended successfully in July 2020 in South East Asia, Bullard expends its TIC Challenge II to Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. It starts in November 2020 and will last for one month. Participants will be rewarded with a CERTIFICATE when achieving a score of at least 60% in a total of 10 questions.

Image interpretation is one of the most critical skills a firefighter needs to develop to successfully use a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). Firefighters need to be able to glance at the TIC display and understand the image being shown. This is a learned skill that comes with understanding the technology of thermal imaging coupled with practical experience in the field.

TI technology has evolved beyond this basic benefit to provide sophisticated scene interpretation, helping firefighters understand heat layers and potential emerging threats, pinpoint where hot spots are located, transmit and record information for training purposes or for interpretation by others on the scene, and even give directional guidance to a team moving through a structure. Today’s TIs are much more sophisticated, Bullard thermal imaging training page is dedicated to our firefighters getting the latest TI theory and a safer fireground through the training.

Join the thermal imaging knowledge challenge II (TIC Challenge II) and broaden your knowledge.

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