Bullard, the leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems, has shared its news of a corporate donation to Lebanese Civil Defense with a fast response to protect firefighters in the 2020 Beirut Harbor fertilizer explosion. This massive blast decimated much of Beirut City. Bullard and its employees quickly decided to back up the Beirut Firefighters with protective gear, equipping firefighters and frontline workers to help them safely perform their jobs. Bullard donated LTX Fire HelmetsSG2FR Rescue Goggles, and Bullard Fire Helmet Care Kits to Lebanese Civil Defense, for which Bullard received an official thank you letter.

Wells Bullard, the president and CEO of Bullard, continues her family’s philanthropy, with the example of Bullard being a community leader in donating and supporting humanitarian and emergency efforts. “Bullard cares. We really care. I saw this photo in The New York Times and saw those brave firefighters wearing our Bullard LTX fire helmets as their teams responded to the explosions. We wanted to do more to help those that survived the horrors in Beirut and immediately donated more personal protective equipment to support these firefighters.” Bullard Middle East team quickly contacted the Bullard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and managed the donation from Singapore warehouse. “We respect those brave firefighters, so we equipped them to make sure they have better protection when they are working on the front lines and saving people’s lives. We want to help to protect the heroes who are protecting us. Our vision is to advance human safety to enable long, healthy, productive lives through innovative solutions. We didn’t think twice about making life easier for those who put themselves on the line and we will keep supplying and aiding post-disaster management work.” said Vincent Lee, the general manager of Bullard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd..

Bullard, founded in 1898, offers a full line of fire and rescue helmets and best-quality thermal imagers to firefighters and other first responders throughout the world. The company has been protecting the firefighter since the 1930s because Bullard cares about people and protecting the firefighter. Bullard is the number one choice of firefighters, known widely to offer the greatest durability, the most practical features, the best training resources, and the highest level of support available. Its safety and protective equipment are also a major factor in cancer mitigation and overall firefighter health.

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