Cameroon nightclub fire kills 16 and injures five more

A nightclub fire in Cameroon has killed 16 people and injured five others.

The fire broke out at Liv’s Night Club in Yaounde, with fireworks thought to be the initial cause of the blaze. However, a full report has not been released yet.

In a statement released by the Cameroon communication’s ministry, it said: “The initial report shows 16 dead and eight seriously injured.”

Initial reports indicate that the fire may have been caused by explosions from fireworks often used in the clubs, which caused panic and a stampede. The fire is thought to have started in the main room of Liv’s Night Club, situated in the Bastos district of Yaounde.

In a report to AFP, one of the firefighters at the scene said: “When we arrived it was a panic, there was a strong fire with lots of smoke. We counted 16 dead and five injured.”

Cameroon’s government are continuing investigations into the fire.

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