Cathexis’ multi-market solutions

Every market across the world, and every establishment where transactions take place, benefit from appropriate recording. In days past, this was handshaking in a trusted space, however, marketplaces, retail experience and the types of places individuals go have changed. With this change, there has been a consistent demand for appropriate video monitoring solutions that scale with different marketplaces.

Enter Cathexis‘ multi-market video monitoring solutions.


Airports have evolved from being spaces to quickly grab a plane from A to B, to duty-free mall spaces which hold thousands of people per hour, overseeing transactions in the thousands through airport vendors.

Airport security has evolved to meet this – video monitoring solutions must meet the demands of local and international regulations, whilst supporting the comfort and needs of passengers.

The open-platform video management systems provided by Cathexis have become a critical aspect of many security operations around the world within airports, due to their flexibility, yet consistent effectiveness.


Campus’ often has intricate spaces, indoor and outdoor combined, which are responsible for hosting thousands of youths, some of whom can be reckless and mistreat property.

Cathexis’ video monitoring solutions allow users to record, monitor and analyse events. Educational boards can take appropriate action and have all the necessary information whenever an incident occurs on campus grounds.

Office Spaces

Cathexis’ monitoring solutions can be combined with access control modules, meaning that office spaces which hold sensitive data are greater protected.

Not only are threat actors recorded and monitored by top-of-the-industry video software, but their movements are recorded and controlled through the use of metal detectors, locking equipment and bi-directional audio communications.

With extensive video and information verification technology, Cathexis’ Visions prove themselves appropriate for the bustling, growing industries throughout Africa – alongside the rest of the world.

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