Cheap Drones may be the Future of Warfare

Though Drones have long been used in warfare for reconnaissance purposes, the conflict in Ukraine has seen a rise in a number of innovative battle tactics and it seems that budget drones may be the future of warfare.

What was previously a large investment, now falls well within budgets as drone technology has become commonplace in marketplaces around the world. Drones are able to be produced with cheaper and cheaper materials.

As part of the reproduction of cheaper and cheaper drones, so too are these drones repurposed, given capabilities beyond simply reconnaissance, able to drop bombs and fire off shots into the front lines.

What makes dealing with these drones so problematic, alongside the mass amounts of damage they can cause, is that they are made from such cheap materials – intended to be disposable, that the bullets to shoot these drones down, usually end up costing more than the drones themselves.

An arms race has begun to develop cheaper and cheaper drones and technology to deal with incoming drones.

In previous wars, technology has started cheap and then gotten expensive as the marketplace has adapted around this technology – such as fighter places for example.

Fighter planes, however, started cheap and then became expensive, whereas Drones started cheap, became expensive and then became cheap again.

Currently, Ukrainian forces are using over 55,000 drones to besiege targets, spread misinformation and chaos and take out key targets within active fire zones.

Find out more about the expenses involved. 

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